Driving Sustainable Innovation


At CAF MIIRA, we are leading the way in sustainability within the rail industry. Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly practices has led us to introduce the ECOAPPROVED label for all our solutions.

eco approved, CAF MIIRA
CAF MIIRA, Beyond Wheelset Solutions

We believe that every component in our solutions should be environmentally responsible. That is why 100% of the steel we use is not only compliant with European standards but falls well below the industry average in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. We are pioneering Green Steel.

Our eco-friendly approach doesn’t stop with materials. We focus on designing lightweight, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance solutions. This Eco Design philosophy reduces the environmental impact and contributes to a greener future.

All the energy powering our facilities is 100% renewable, generated by wind turbines. It is an essential part of our Green e-Energy commitment. Plus, we are embracing the principles of a Circular Economy, ensuring that our steel comes from scrap generated by our products, reducing the need for external sources.

Our solutions offer more than eco-friendly materials and design. As the only supplier providing complete wheelset solutions, with highly localized parts sourcing, we reduce environmental impact through simpler supply chain management, minimizing delays, and maximizing efficiency.

Being part of the CAF Group means we are aligned with a global leader in providing eco-friendly mobility solutions. We are not just meeting industry sustainability standards; we are exceeding them. Our commitment is strong, and our innovations are helping our clients meet their sustainability goals while providing the highest quality solutions.

At CAF MIIRA, we are more than a rail solutions provider; we are your sustainable partner. We exist as committed to eco-conscious practices, high-quality innovations, and a shared vision of a greener, more sustainable future.