Seamless Integration, Superior Performance

Seamless Integration, Superior Performance

At CAF MIIRA, we are pioneering Integral wheelset solutions, with proprietary technology solutions, that lead the industry. Our unique approach simplifies your supply chain, cuts lead times, and minimizes the carbon footprint.

CAF MIIRA, Beyond Wheelset Solutions
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As the sole supplier capable of designing, manufacturing, and assembling complete wheelsets, our integrated approach ensures traceability and enables versatile service monitoring, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency throughout the lifecycle.

Our integral design and manufacturing processes enable us to reduce lead times, enhance logistics efficiency, minimize total solution weight, and lower carbon footprints in complete wheelsets, providing a sustainable advantage.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, we rigorously control critical safety processes, including torque application, ensuring and recording values in 100% of all assemblies made for maximum reliability and safety.

From wheelsets for high-speed trains, EMUs, locomotives, to metros, we offer a diverse range of wheelset types, including various configurations and integrated gearbox options to suit specific train applications.