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At CAF MIIRA, we’re dedicated to being your global leader in providing cutting-edge Integral Wheelset Solutions. Our commitment extends from the heart of the rail industry, offering innovative engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance solutions for complete wheelset and portal axles, for all types of trains.

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As your trusted partner, we focus on the complete package. Our solutions are designed to streamline supply chain management and reduce the carbon footprint, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. By manufacturing the main elements of the wheelset internally, we ensure full traceability throughout the assembly process, enabling you to monitor your parts with versatility and precision.

Jon Aguirre CAF MIIRA

“Looking ahead, we aim to be the trusted partner of our clients, addressing their future challenges together, ensuring sustainable solutions and success.“

Jon Aguirre
Managing Director

Sustainable Commitment

For a Greener Tomorrow

At CAF MIIRA, sustainability is not just a commitment; It is our core philosophy. As a part of the CAF Group, we adhere to the highest global sustainability standards.

Being part of the CAF Group means we are aligned with a global leader in sustainable mobility solutions. We not only meet but consistently exceed sustainability requirements, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to a cleaner, eco-friendly future.

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  • Reduced lead times and improved logistics efficiency
  • Decreased total weight of the complete solution
  • Minimized carbon footprint
  • Reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness
  • A legacy of excellence and innovation

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